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Start the online meetings of the XXVI International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies. The first is "Organization of a secure remote workplace: information security"

J'son & Partners Consulting: total annual revenue of video services in Russia exceeded 41 billion rubles

More than 180 million rubles will be spent on fire safety of Rosenergoatom, the Saint Petersburg metro, and the Mining and Chemical Combine

Huawei will support the research of MIPT graduate students in the field of artificial intelligence

What pleased the participants at the International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies

The Russian server market took the goal of a billion dollars

399 million rubles will be spent in St. Petersburg on maintenance of the agro-industrial complex "Safe city"

Cisco solutions are integrated into the IT platform for the Far North

The International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies: the platform for dialogue, interaction and cooperation in the field of national security

Eset has warned about the actions of cybercriminals in connection with the coronavirus epidemic

Video surveillance for the United Energy Company, Sberbank and Sochi airport : tenders for 221 million rubles in early March

The first transaction using Visa EMV 3D-Secure 2 was made in Russia

Eset: more than half of Russian IoT users are vulnerable to cyber threats

Top 5 tenders for the purchase and repair of ACS for 110 million rubles

Huawei plans to build a common digital space in Russia

Andrey Miroshkin: the mission of the International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies is to gather the elite of the security industry

Uipath tripled sales in Russia and CIS

Inter RAO-Electrogeneration will spend over 120 million rubles on fire safety services

The Ministry of health and Toshiba will treat cancer patients with heavy ions

Presentations of speakers and certificates of conference delegates are available to download on the TB Forum website

CheckPoint discovered a spam campaign in Russia related to the coronavirus

February tenders: 306 million rubles for biometric control cameras of the Moscow metro turnstile complex

Huawei will create an artificial intelligence ecosystem in Russia

The 25th Anniversary International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies brought together key security industry experts and provided an effective platform for communication

Eset: one in ten users of online dating services is being blackmailed

Zarubezhneftestroymontazh and Bashkir generation company will purchase fire-extinguishing system for 557 million rubles

Check Point solutions have passed FSTEC certification

A few days before the start of the XXV Anniversary International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies – you still have time to register yourself!

The study of Group: users under 25 years are most likely to learn about the Bank products from the online advertisement

Top 5 tenders on video surveillance for 139 million rubles

Zyxel announced the growth of its market share in Russia and the CIS by the end of 2019

The XXV Anniversary International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies will bring together key participants of the security industry in Russia

87% of Russians think that the state should support the development of AI

Rostov region invests more than 100 million rubles in urban security

Skolkovo resident brings Bitmovin to the Russian market

Three weeks before the opening of the XXV Anniversary International Forum of Security&Safety Technologies

Infowatch: one third of the leakage is intentional in the global public sector

Gazprom dobycha Urengoy creates an automatic fire alarm system, gas pollution control and fire extinguishing for 1.5 billion rubles

The Moscow Department of Information Technologies will spend almost a billion on foreign personal computers and software

The XXV Anniversary TB Forum will host a meeting of key experts on industry, oil & gas and fuel & energy facilities supporting

5 main trends which influence IT market of Russia in 2020

Sberbank will invest in security systems more than 420 million rubles

The authorities will spend 130 million to make citizens love the digital economy

The acceptance of applications for the exposition of Anniversary TB Forum is nearly complete. You still have a chance to catch!

Monetka, METRO Cash and Carry and OBI will discuss digitalization in retail within the conference SecuRetail

In 2020 robots will sell SIM cards in Russia

DIT of Moscow announced a tender to provide the information about video surveillance facilities in the Uniform Center of Data Storage and Processing for 1.5 billion rubles

Orange Business Services deployed smart office for Russian department of Linde Engineering

15 private meetings with customers from key industries of the Russian economics in VIP-Lounge at TB Forum – have a chance to join!

Russia’s National AI Center Is Taking Shape

More than 47 million rubles were invested in the "Safe cities" in the Sakhalin, Moscow and Rostov regions

Shunned in the US, Huawei looks to Russia to invent an AI future

Customers and suppliers will discuss advanced technologies for safe and smart city within the Anniversary TB Forum

Research of TAdviser and Microsoft: 39% of the Russian SMB-companies faced purposeful cyber attacks

Top 5 tenders in the field of video surveillance for 127 million rubles

Huawei will open corporate service centers in Moscow, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod

February 11 – a powerful start of the Anniversary TB Forum with two conferences on the security of places with mass stay of people

10 trends in IT market in 2020

Companies will spend 270 million rubles on automated fire alarm systems and systems of warning and management of evacuation of people during fire

Why you can’t miss the 25th Anniversary Forum of Security & Safety Technologies

All surveillance cameras in Moscow will distinguish by faces

IoT, blockchain, neural networks for industrial safety and labor protection will be discussed by experts of industrial and oil&gas facilities

Russia was included into the three of the countries in popularity of financial technical-services

Turnstiles at 26 stations of Moscow metro will be equipped by video surveillance for 100 million rubles

Sales of Cisco products grow in Russia despite import substitution policy

Expenses of the Russian companies on artificial intelligence in 2019 are counted

Venezuela intends to pay Russia in cryptocurrency for construction of housing

Customers from different industries will discuss the economic impact of the implementation of intelligent video surveillance

Forrester Research: the 2020 will become the year of break of peripheral calculations

More than 220 million rubles will be sent to various regions for the implementation of the project "Safe city"

VMware announced "aggressive" growth of business in Russia

Representatives of facilities with mass stay of people are ready to discuss modern technologies in the field of security with suppliers

Ranking of TAdviser: 50 most profitable representative offices of the foreign IT companies in Russia

Top 5 tenders for the purchase and maintenance of video surveillance systems in different regions worth 100 million rubles

Huawei invests $10 million in development of an ecosystem of mobile applications in Russia

An unprecedented number of events of the business program at the Anniversary International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies 2020

The Russian companies attack viruses under the guise of accounting documents

Top-3 tenders to equip transport infrastructure facilities with security systems with the amount of 179 million rubles

Huawei will deliver its "most high-performance processors" to fulfill the "Yarovaya law"

Analysts of the EPN partner network noted the growth of the e-commerce market

Rosenergoatom and SO UPS will invest in modernization of security systems more than 300 million rubles

Schneider Electric built a data centre for Narxoz University

Arctic as a territory of innovation: take part in the meeting of the major customers and suppliers of equipment and technologies for arctic facilities

Working without cover: almost 80% of banks won’t withstand a hacker attack

Alibaba Group, MegaFon, Group and RDIF complete formation of the joint venture

Beward, Grundig Security, DSSL, Hanwa, BIC-inform and others will present 4K Ultra HD cameras

Cybercrime in Russia is growing faster than any other type of crime

430 million rubles will be spent on the development of infrastructure of hardware and software complex Safe city in St. Petersburg

Chinese company Shenzhen Sunwin won the tender to implement the 2nd stage of the Safe city project in Kyrgyzstan

Industry cases of digital transformation: transport, industry, fuel & energy, banks. Direct dialogue of customers, integrators and suppliers of solutions and technologies

Russians find it difficult to recognize phishing

Russian Railways and St. Petersburg metro will invest more than 116 million rubles in video surveillance systems

Panasonic expands its business in Russia, opening a new direction of Life Solutions

Heads of RZD, FPC, Nornickel, Gazprom Energy Holding and Rosatom situation centers held session with suppliers within the preparation for TB Forum 2020

Clouds are becoming commonplace for Russians

ELTEZA, Rosneft and Transneft will invest in security systems of their enterprises almost 700 million rubles

Axis Communications products has received the certification of Rosatom

Anniversary TB Forum: hurry up to join the review of solutions and technologies to ensure the safety and security of facilities and infrastructure

The volume of the Russian market of public procurement automation reached 15 billion rubles

637 million rubles will be spent on security systems of railway tracks to the transport crossing through the Kerch channel

Chinese state-owned company comes to Russia to take "15% of the market", pushing Huawei and Cisco

Digital transformation: real cases on transport, in industry, oil and gas, fuel and energy sector at the meeting in October

The first foreign company is admitted to Russian state purchase of software

More than 1 billion rubles will be spent on transport security of facilities of the ring road around Saint Petersburg

Russia and Korea will create a new technology fund

Experience in the creation and operation of situational and dispatch centers under the spotlight of customers and suppliers at the meeting on the 19th of September

One third of Russian suffered from telephone fraudsters

FSIN of Russia will purchase integrated security systems for more than 194 million rubles

Minsvyaz is ready to spend 335 million rubles for assessing the achievements of the digital economy

Intelligent video surveillance will be discussed, taking into account industry specifics: transport, urban safety, industry, oil & gas, fuel & energy complex, banks and retail

Big data in Russia: how much will they bring to the economics and how much they need to be invested

Moscow region will spend 500 million rubles on video surveillance for healthcare facilities

LG Electronics completes construction of a new building in Ruza

Smart video surveillance, situation centers and transport security. Schedule of meetings with customers for September

Group-IB: the damage from the attacks of the hacker group Silence approached the mark of 300 million rubles

100 million rubles will be spent on security and fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems and video surveillance for transport security

Viavi Solutions is going to localize the production

Data about clients of Russian banks are sold for 2 rubles per person

Tenders of August for 155 million rubles: video surveillance for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Yalta, design of the complex security system for RZD Arena

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and Huawei concluded the cooperation in the sphere of artificial intelligence

The practice of using UAVs and threats. Case studies from TMK, IDGC of North-West, the Aerial Forest Protection Service, RUSAL and Gazprom Neft

The main threat to IoT devices is the carelessness of users

3.7 billion rubles will be spent on security systems for streets and social facilities of Saint Petersburg

Xiaomi is coming to the Russian market

Roszheldor collects offers from suppliers to ensure the safety of passengers at transport infrastructure facilities

The market of IT services is growing

FGC UES, Krymenergo and T Plus will spend 100 million rubles on security systems

MTUCI and Huawei will open the first national ICT Academy in Russia

Customers and manufacturers will discuss cases and technological tasks for industry, oil & gas and  fuel & energy complex

The volume of the Russian Information Security market approached 80 billion rubles

More than 100 million rubles will be spent on building of agricultural complex Safe region in Chelyabinsk area

The mobile app MyOperations from John Deere is officially launched in Russia

Experts will discuss fire safety of crowded places and deserted technological process

By 2021 more than 40% of organizations will use AI and machine learning to combat fraud

175 million rubles will be directed to the safety of railway transport facilities

Huawei and RANEPA will prepare personnel for the state program "Digital economy"

The discussion of the critical information infrastructure protection on July 18. The practice of implementation of the law and the cases of customers

Three-quarters of Russian banks are vulnerable to cyberattacks

Top 3 purchases in the field of city safety for an amount of more than 420 million rubles

Popular cameras of Axis Communications for transport received certification of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Suppliers of security systems together with specialists of Moscow and Saint Petersburg metro discussed tasks and pilot projects

Cybersecurity is just an illusion

More than 594 million rubles invested in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Khabarovsk to ensure the safety of places with massive stay of people

Hytera provided security at the Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk

Anti fraud, biometric technologies and neural networks were discussed by heads of security services of banks at a meeting with manufacturers

Positive Technologies: insecure data storage is a main drawback of mobile apps

Logistics center Radumlya has implemented a security system based on Mobotix cameras

Safety on transport, in the city, industry and in crowded places – the agenda of meetings of customers and manufacturers in July

Lack of communication between business and IT prevents transformation

Russian Railways invests in access control systems, fire safety and video surveillance over 100 million rubles

AAM Systems: the partner visit of Suprema representatives

Castorama, Modis, Carousel and Maxi: the meeting of heads of retail with manufacturers

78% of Russian companies note data growth

380 million rubles will be directed to the security of transport infrastructure facilities of Saint-Petersburg

Shneider Electric launched the biometric identification system in the Yeltsin Center

A closed meeting of representatives of the regulator, customers and manufacturers of information security tools will be held in the building of FSTEC of Russia

According to 69% of companies AI will help to struggle with the lack of IS specialists

Sberbank will invest 53 million rubles in new security systems

Comparex protects servers and work stations of the Syzran Refinery

Representatives of the metro, FSTEC of Russia, banks and retail will meet with suppliers in May and June

ICT in the financial sector 2019: security and competitiveness

More than 88 million rubles will be spent on video surveillance during the unified state examination and the state final attestation

Transneft Technologies and ETM professional control GmbH will develop projects on supervisory control systems

Heads of project departments and chief engineers of the biggest companies will meet with manufacturers of security systems

The study of Microsoft: the number of fishing attacks has increased by 350% in 2018

484 million rubles will be spent by fuel and energy companies to provide their facilities with security systems

The first year of  successful cooperation between ALP Group and Bepbar Pharma is over

TB Forum participants will discuss actual tasks to ensure the safety and security of the Moscow metro

Avast experts: 44% of smart homes are vulnerable to cyber attacks

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation will invest in access control systems more than 73 million rubles

BlaBlaCar will introduce in Russia new measures to improve the security of traveling

1 billion rubles will be spent by Russian Railways to ensure fire safety of its facilities

Gas Analyzers Honeywell will be installed in residential buildings of the Lipetsk region

Panasonic and Merlion opened a manufacturing of IP-cameras in Russia

Developers, management companies and security system manufacturers discussed technologies for urban security and smart quarters

New research of Dell Technologies: executives around the world notice a significant lag in digital transformation

The Moscow subway is testing video cameras on turnstiles

Ural Bank of reconstruction and development has implemented solid state flash array from Pure Storage in its IT infrastructure

30+ events, 250+ customers from key sectors of the Russian economy: annual series of meetings

Microsoft DCI research: Russians are 20% more likely to face harassments on the Internet

Top 3 tenders to create comprehensive security systems for fuel and energy facilities worth over 775 million rubles

Honeywell has opened a new factory in Russia

The 25th Anniversary International Forum of Security & Safety technologies: business support on the project market and big state and corporate customers market

Victor Gevers: there is a hole in data bases of thousand of Russian companies

730 million rubles on security systems for the North-West tunnel and the Moscow subway

The governor of the Smolensk region is calling for German business to operate in the area

100 million rubles will be spent by the administration of Sochi to organize a comprehensive video surveillance system and situation center

TB Forum 2019: the largest congress of security leaders has ended. The annual program of meetings of all security areas has started!

METRO Cash&Carry, Pyaterochka, Monetka, Gold Apple, Modis and OBI will take place in All-Russian Review for retailers at TB Forum 2019

All-Russian review of solutions and technologies for safe and smart cities at TB Forum 2019. Hurry up to participate!

Kemerovo lessons: regulators, security directors and developers will discuss fire safety practices in places with massive stay of people at TB Forum 2019

TB Forum team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

World Cup 2018 experience for mass events security: risks and threats models, solutions for detection, localization, suppression

Information and communication security: specialized exposition and FSTEC Conference

Customers want to see solutions with the certification №969 at TB Forum 2019

All-Russian Review of Solutions And Technologies For Industrial, Oil&Gas And Energy Facilities: Direct Access To The Largest Projects

1 754 Top Security Managers Are Willing To Implement New Technologies And Start Pilot Projects

Special Business Match-Making Program With Buyers & Potential Partners

Decision Makers With Multimillion Dollar Budgets For Procurement

TB Forum 2019 Is The One Effective Entry Point to Major Security Projects in Russia

Business Networking Meetings Between Vendors and End-Users: October - November Schedule

How International Vendors Entering The Russian Market

Looking for Sales & Solution Partners in Russia?

Business Networking Meetings Between Vendors and End-Users: August - September Schedule

10 Key Russian Distributors & Solution Partners are Willing to Meet You Up

Business Networking Meetings Between Vendors and End-Users from Key Vertical Markets: June-July Schedule

State Organizations and Major Corporations Which Account for 80% of all Budgets for Equipment and Security Services in Russia

Business Networking Meetings Between Vendors and End-Users from Key Vertical Markets: April-May Schedule

Smart & Safe City technologies at TB Forum

Future of Retail: Big Data and Face Recognition technologies

Buyers engagement program

Trade Leads for drone companies in Russia

Over 130 FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 fan passport centers to open in Russia in order to ensure identification of people and access control

TB Forum 2018: new quality of exposition, powerful conference program, C-level professional audience and pre-arranged meetings with buyers

Registration is Open

Drone Zone at TB Forum 2018

BIM technologies in Building Design & Construction

Limited time remaining to secure your space

Challenges of digital economy

Top 3 Export Prospects for Russia

TB Forum to gather largest retailers in Russia

TB Forum to Shake up All Traditional Event Formats

Priorities of the customers. General agenda

Everyone and Everything for Homeland security in Russia

Smart Market Entry to Russia

Industrial giants are to discuss integrated security systems needed for their facilities

XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Terrorism and Transport Security"

Occupy a worthy place on the growing biometric identification market of  Russia

WANTED! Reliable suppliers with deep industry knowledge and operational experience.

Supplier-Consumer Dialogue

Ideal business environment for large buyers

The Importance of Industry Specialization

4 Things we do differently

Sales and Business Development in Russia & CIS

Homeland Security Issues at TB Forum

Most Common Consumer Challenges in TOP 5 Sectors

High-level security leaders meetings

Counter Terror: respond to modern threats

Defining Customer Needs: Direct meetings with the clients

Retail Security and Loss Prevention Solutions

Official review of the new technologies and solutions for counter-terrorism

Trade Leads: Security of Sea and River Transport in Russia

Heads of road transport enterprises urge CCTV producers to participate in TB Forum 2018

Russia to Ensure High Level of Security at 2018 FIFA World Cup

Aviation security: respond to modern threats

Residential sector: Solutions for developers and managing companies

The iconic three days of TB Forum powered by Intersec 2017

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Intersec Russia

Managing Security For Major Special Events and Crowded Places

Top Sub Sector Export Prospects for Russian Federation

Oil & Gas and Industry: Meeting with integrators and security directors at TB Forum 2017

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Banks and Financial Institutions Security Market Trends TBFBlog

10 key Russian distributors & solution partners are willing to meet up

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A Brief History of International Vendor Entering The Russian Market

Keynote Speech: Challenges & Opportunities of Security Market in Russia

Russian Transportation Trade Leads

How to Get In Touch with Key Decision Makers of $2,1 bln Russian Security Market

Loss Prevention and Shrink Control in Retail

2018 World Cup in Russia: Public Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Safe City Trade Leads in Russia

How to Win Big Contracts in Russia: The Major Buyers of Security Market

Opportunities and Limitations of Russian Security Market

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