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Retail Security and Loss Prevention Solutions


Retail shrinkage increases with increasing retail sales. Russian Retailers are willing to hike their investments in video surveillance and integrated systems.

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Official review of the new technologies and solutions for counter-terrorism


Security in transportation is number one priority now in Russia. Especially taking into account the upcoming FIFA 2018.

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Trade Leads: Security of Sea and River Transport in Russia

Russian Railways began to provide a new service designed to relieve Russia's Far East ports and attract additional freight traffic to the Trans-Siberian Railway. The Company began offering a full range of coal transportation services via the port of Rajin (DPRK) to the Asia-Pacific region.

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Heads of road transport enterprises urge CCTV producers to participate in TB Forum 2018

Security experts from organizations in the field of road transport and urban land-electric transport visit TB Forum every year to discuss current issues of vulnerability assessment and develop amendments to the transport security plans for transport infrastructure and vehicles, as well as clarifying …

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