Keep up-to-date with the current and latest trends of Russian Security Market

Industrial giants are to discuss integrated security systems needed for their facilities


The directors of security services, engineering and fire departments of large industrial companies in Russia are looking for solutions and equipment in the field of:

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XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Terrorism and Transport Security"


At the XXIII International Forum on Security & Safety Technologies - TB Forum - will be held XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Terrorism and Transport Security". The organizers of the event are the The Council of the Federation Committee on Defense and Security, the Ministr …

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Occupy a worthy place on the growing biometric identification market of  Russia


The Central Bank of the Russia Federation has developed a bill (law) obliging all banks to collect biometric data of Russian citizens (face recognition & voice biometrics). This will help to create a united biometric system, which is necessary for implementing remote identification of customers. …

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