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TB Forum to gather largest retailers in Russia

Retailers in Russia are willing to hike their investments in video surveillance and integrated systems. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antennas, labels, and tags were the most popular solutions for loss prevention, used by 73% of retailers last year. Spider wraps and security pods/containers, advanced inventory control tactics, secure cable devices are also widely used. Obviously, using a mix of loss prevention solutions - EAS, fixtures, CCTV, manual screening - is the best preventive maintenance of loss prevention.

Topics: TB Forum For Export & BD Managers

TB Forum to Shake up All Traditional Event Formats

More than 10 VIP events on all issues of homeland security are held under the brand name of TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies. High-level meetings, visits of regional and international delegations, discussion of regulators' norms and requirements, Nation-wide review of solutions and technologies under one roof.

Topics: TB Forum For Export & BD Managers

Priorities of the customers. General agenda

Guests of TB Forum - Heads of state organizations and major corporations - are interested in sharing their experience and expertise of their colleagues from various sectors of the economy. Most importantly,they are looking for experienced suppliers who understand the industry and have successfully completed pilot projects and confirmed certain indicators of systems safety: how these systems manifest themselves in different conditions and under different loads. 

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