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BIM technologies in Building Design & Construction

Building Information Modeling is becoming increasingly popular for the implementation of investment projects. According to analysts' forecasts, in the coming years almost all the information inside the system "engineer-manager-supplier-contractor" will be implemented digitally. Analysis of modern Russian practice shows a certain lag in the construction industry, while almost 100% of Russian projects are completed with a violation of the planned timing of entry and budget excess.

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Limited time remaining to secure your space

Looking for tips for export to Russia? New exporters and those with export experience should go to TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies in Moscow, Russia.

More than 10 VIP events on all issues of homeland security are held under the brand name of TB Forum. High-level meetings, visits of regional and international delegations, discussion of regulators' norms and requirements, Nation-wide review of solutions and technologies under one roof.

Topics: TB Forum For Export & BD Managers

Challenges of digital economy

According to the The Ministry of Сommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the digital economy shows impressive growth. From 2011 through 2015, Russia's GDP grew by 7%, and the volume of the digital economy in the same period increased by 59%. Within five years, the digital economy accounted for 24% of the total GDP growth. According to the Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov, the expenses for the digital economy program in Russia will grow up to 100 billion rubles annually.

Topics: TB Forum For Export & BD Managers