Keep up-to-date with the current and latest trends of Russian Security Market

Smart & Safe City technologies at TB Forum


Currently there are several large infrastructure security projects being implemented in Moscow Region. Main directions for the development of the "Safe Region" system in 2018-2021 are:

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Future of Retail: Big Data and Face Recognition technologies


"SecuRetail” conference at TB Forum 2018 was mostly devoted to the key priorities and tasks of retailers nowadays.

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Buyers engagement program

Астерос ТБФ18.jpg

TB Forum 2018 has covered all the main sectors of the Russian economy, state and municipal government. National agenda was reflected in the program of business negotiations, series of meetings and exposition. Core audience was made up by the end users with multimillion dollar budgets for procurement

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Trade Leads for drone companies in Russia

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Security drones & future of the industry became the key topic of the Russian-Japanese roundtablediscussion that was hosted at TB Forum 2018 . The objectives of the meeting were to exchange international experience and set cooperation between Russia and Japan in the field of regulation of unmanne …

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