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All-Russian review of solutions and technologies for safe and smart cities at TB Forum 2019. Hurry up to participate!

12 branch conferences and All-Russian Review of Solutions and Technologies to ensure complex security, terrorist protection of facilities as well as the security of information infrastructure will take place on the 12-14 of February 2019. 

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Kemerovo lessons: regulators, security directors and developers will discuss fire safety practices in places with massive stay of people at TB Forum 2019

The State Duma adopted the bill in the first reading on improving the federal government fire supervision after the tragedy in Kemerovo. Such federal laws will be changed: "Population and territory protection from natural and man-made emergencies", "Fire safety", "General principles of local self-gevernement in Russian Federation", "Education in Russian Federation", urban development code of Russian Federation. Experts continue discussing federal program development till 2025, mechanisms of indispensable fire insurance of places with massive stay of people, fire safety agencies control of objects under construction and reconstruction and increased punishment for violation of fire safety rules. On the 12th of February regulators, security department Directors and fire safety systems developers will meet to discuss fire safety practices in crowded places during the TB Forum Conference "Fire safety in places with massive stay of people. Kemerovo lessons". 

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