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Anti fraud, biometric technologies and neural networks were discussed by heads of security services of banks at a meeting with manufacturers

Banks TB Forum

On the 11th of June a consultation meeting of heads of security services of banks with developers of security systems was held.

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Positive Technologies: insecure data storage is a main drawback of mobile apps


Experts have tested mobile applications for iOS and Android and found out that most applications don’t store data securely and a hacker doesn’t often need a physical access to the victim’s smartphone to stole personal information.

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Logistics center Radumlya has implemented a security system based on Mobotix cameras


Mobotix and Office Anatomy companies has developed and implemented a comprehensive security system to detect faces and license plates in the logistic center Radumlya.

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Safety on transport, in the city, industry and in crowded places – the agenda of meetings of customers and manufacturers in July


TB Forum team organized a number of successful consulting meetings of customers and security system manufacturers in June. The security experts from banks and retailers discussed innovations in the industry. FSTEC of Russia held a meeting with experts in the field of information security. In July, t …

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Lack of communication between business and IT prevents transformation

digital transformation

More than 57% of respondents consider that they don’t have skills, allowing them to move toward the digital transformation. Such results can be found in the joint study of Riverbed and Economist companies, dedicated to the modern standards of the digital productivity. Respondents see the key role in …

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Russian Railways invests in access control systems, fire safety and video surveillance over 100 million rubles

Mr. Avtaev at the TB Forum

Here you can see the largest purchases of security systems of Russian Railways, RZDstroy and Trading house of Russian Railways for total amount more than 107 million rubles.

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AAM Systems: the partner visit of Suprema representatives


On March 12, in the office of AAM Systems, the meeting with partners from Suprema Inc. was held. AAM Systems was visited by Yang SoMun, CEO, Baudouin Genouville, development director and technical specialists from Suprema.

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Castorama, Modis, Carousel and Maxi: the meeting of heads of retail with manufacturers

TB Forum

On June18, within the preparation to the TB Forum 2020, a consultation meeting of heads of retail and shopping center security services with security system developers will be held.

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78% of Russian companies note data growth

big data-1

IDC together with Hitachi Vantara has prepared a study called Big data analytics as a tool for business innovation. It showed that more than 55% of companies have a budget for the implementation of solutions for big data analytics.

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380 million rubles will be directed to the security of transport infrastructure facilities of Saint-Petersburg


We present three tenders in the field of transport security. All of them relate to the transport system of Saint Petersburg. It’s about equipping three subway stations with intelligent video surveillance systems, equipping the rolling stock of ground transport with a video recording system and equip …

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Shneider Electric launched the biometric identification system in the Yeltsin Center


Schneider Electric together with the fund Yeltsin Center launched the innovative biometric identification system in the Yeltsin Center. The system is made on the basis of the Videoxpert solution of the company Pelco and the biometric platform Id-Me of the company Recfaces. The realization of the pro …

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A closed meeting of representatives of the regulator, customers and manufacturers of information security tools will be held in the building of FSTEC of Russia

TB Forum

On February 12, in Moscow, Crocus Expo, at the TB Forum 2020 will be held the X conference "Topical issues of information protection", supported by FSTEC of Russia. To prepare for the upcoming event on June 10, 2019 in the building of FSTEC of Russia will be held a consultative meeting of representa …

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According to 69% of companies AI will help to struggle with the lack of IS specialists


On March 19, 2019 the company Trend Micro Incorporated, specialized in the sphere of cyber security solutions, published results of the survey, dedicated to the problem of the lack of qualified IS specialists with participation of all IT professionals from international companies. 69% respondents co …

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Sberbank will invest 53 million rubles in new security systems

TB Forum

On the 22nd and 30th of May the acceptance of applications to participate in two tenders from Sberbank was finished. It’s about the supply of video equipment for encasement automobiles and equipment for the biggest Russian IT company, developing and installing program solutions for Sberbank. The ini …

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Comparex protects servers and work stations of the Syzran Refinery


Comparex supplied program products of Kaspersky Lab to the Syzran Refinery of Rosneft company. Vendor solutions will provide the customer with the defense of email servers and work plantations.

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