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The Ministry of Defense of Russia will spend 1.7 billion rubles on fire safety of its facilities

The key purchase in the field of fire safety in April is a tender announced by the Federal state budgetary institution "Central housing and communal administration" of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. 1.7 billion rubles will be spent on repairing fire-fighting water supply system, fire reservoirs, fire-extinguishing stations and water disposal systems of several facilities.

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3.7 billion rubles will be spent on security systems for streets and social facilities of Saint Petersburg

Alexander Beglov, head of the city, told that authorities of St. Petersburg will pay 1.2 billion rubles this year on implementing of additional cameras in schools, nurseries and hospitals of the city. Also 2.5 billion rubles will be spent on the development of the system "Safe city".

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BlaBlaCar will introduce in Russia new measures to improve the security of traveling

"In 2019-2010 BlaBlaCar is going to present in Russia an ability to make online-payments between a companion and a car owner, a passenger and a road carrier", – announced the Head of the service Nicolas Brusson. The company launches the system in all markets and expects that most of the payments made by users will go online in a few years.

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