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Cases on the organization of engineering and IT infrastructure of the data center at the online conference on October 22

An online conference on new approaches to the organization of engineering and IT infrastructure of data centers will be held on October 22, within the preparation to the International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies 2021. Managers and specialists of commercial and corporate data centers, suppliers of IT infrastructure, cooling systems, guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply systems, early fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing, engineering and technical security systems are invited to participate.

Thematic directions of the conference: Digital transformation and data centers. Evolution of digital technologies to manage IT infrastructure. How will the requirements for data center infrastructure change with the development of IoT platforms and the arrival of 5G networks? Is it necessary to plan the development of infrastructure to implement the current trends of digitalization? Engineering infrastructure for cost optimization. Smart management of data center engineering infrastructure. How to save money on data center cooling? The free-cooling system or traditional air conditioning and cooling systems. How to reduce costs and increase the reliability of backup power supply. The reserve of electricity, the provision of guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply. How to increase the IT load and improve the coefficient of efficiency of energy use? Fire safety of data centers. What is more profitable and efficient: gas or water fire extinguishing?

Speakers of the event:

  • Sergey Vyshemirsky, technical director of IXcellerate
  • Vasily Uglov, technical director of Marioff Russia
  • Alexey Eremenko, infrastructure director of Selectel
  • Igor Erilov, executive director of the data center transformation of Sberbank Russia
  • Andrey Kislyakov, head of the department (service solutions and engineering infrastructure) of information technology infrastructure of Mechel-BusinessService LLC


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