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Creately launches a collaboration solution in Russia

Creately presents a Russian version of the platform that allows to use a virtual conference room more effectively than Zoom. Now companies and teams working in the field of IT, product management, marketing, sales and educational projects will have access to universal tools that have been evaluated by more than 4 million users and thousands of companies around the world.

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New features of Creately allow to brainstorm, combine whiteboard work with video communication and allow all participants to be truly engaged. All changes are instantly synced in real time for all participants. Creately provides more than 1000 flowchart templates, mind maps, organigrams, IT project templates, Customer Journey Maps (CJM) and other planning and operating tools.

The service uses the freemium model with the following subscription options:

  • free version for 5 projects and 3 people;
  • subscription for personal use with an unlimited number of projects, the ability to import and export;
  • a team subscription that includes video conferencing and team resources;
  • a corporate plan that includes additional security features (single sign-on technology, SSO).

Russian corporate clients will receive a dedicated support line in Russian. Creately offers subscription discounts up to 50% for nonprofit organizations and educational project segments.

The desktop version of the solution is compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux platforms, the mobile one - with iOS and Android.

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