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Expenses of the Russian companies on artificial intelligence in 2019 are counted

In November, 2019 analysts of IDC published results of a research of the Russian market of the artificial intelligence (AI).

Specialists expect that in 2019 the sales volume of solutions using AI technologies will reach $139.3 million that for 48.2% will exceed an indicator of year prescription.

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49% of costs in the AI market are the share of investments into computing powers for processing of large volumes of data and their storage. 28% make expenses on the software. IDC expect, these investments will increase more than twice by 2023 due to growth of applications using artificial intelligence technologies.

23% of the Russian market of solutions AI are the share of business and IT services. Implementation services of solutions AI are often provided by internal resources. 68% of respondents noted that implementation of cognitive technologies and AI requires thorough knowledge of business processes in the company and industry specifics therefore they do not use services of third-party consultants.

Participants of a research selected two main objectives which solution they see using cognitive technologies and the AI systems:

  • 84%  — performance improvement of work of employees;
  • 81%  — cost reduction and performance improvement in key business processes.

38% of the companies noted that they use AI technologies in solutions for intellectual data processing automatization. 26% of representatives of business use AI technologies for creation of digital assistants for the employees working with information.

30% of the polled IDC of the Russian companies announced use of solutions AI, and 70% announced plans to implement technology within two years. It is expected that business expenses on such developments will increase approximately by 30% a year.

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