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Over 130 FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 fan passport centers to open in Russia in order to ensure identification of people and access control

In Cooperation with law enforcement agencies, Ministry of Communications of Russia, Football Union of Russia and Russian Football Premier-League Ministry of Sport of Russia are considering the use of a system for identification of football fans and an information system for access control to the sport facilities of FIFA World Cup 2018during the national football championship. This project will be implemented within the framework of The concept of the World Championship heritage.What does this information mean for manufacturers?
The most relevant technologies for safety at sports and major events are:

  • Video analysis
  • Anti terrorist protection of sites
  • Face recognition solutions

February 13, 2018 Irina Grigorieva, Head of the development of Olympic sports and competitions in the territory of the Russian Federation of the Ministry of Sport of Russia discussed the effective measures to be taken to ensure public order and public safety during the FIFA 2018 at the "Safety at Sports and Recreational Events” conference at TB Forum 2018.

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"Within the framework for the preparation and holding FIFA World Cup 2018, it is planned to open 30 stationary fan passport centers and around 100 additional centers near 12 stadiums where matches will be held,"
Irina Grigorieva noted.

In addition, at the conference were also broadly discussed the following topics: international cooperation and global experience, the specifics of such events as football games and concerts, experience in anti terrorist protection of objects and surrounding areas, creation and evaluation of design solutions, advanced security technologies, identification and monitoring.

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