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Future of Retail: Big Data and Face Recognition technologies

"SecuRetail” conference at TB Forum 2018 was mostly devoted to the key priorities and tasks of retailers nowadays.

Experts claim that one of the biggest trends in retail which pushes security professionals to constant transformation is Big Data. The amount of data is growing and the work with customer data will allow retailers to maximize personalization of their relationships with them. Face recognition method based on multi-features using a neural networks is a big help for that. Thanks to the system of face recognition it is now possible to identify people who committed offenses or crimes at retail sites and conduct point-based prevention of shoplifting, which significantly reduces costs and increases the effectiveness of anti theft policy.

Security Directors are interested in learning new technologies, discussing the benefits of their use not only in the context of security, but also in business in general. We invite global security developers and manufacturers to use TB Forum 2019 as an effective entry point to major projects. Click now for your early bird special:



Key information for manufacturers:

Russian retailers are experiencing challenging times. Today a restrained approach to operate costs and minimize losses is more applicable. Complex and proactive approach to security now becoming more in demand. This approach allows not to miss the vector of development of new security technologies while maintaining marginality.

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