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Panasonic and Merlion opened a manufacturing of IP-cameras in Russia

Panasonic Russia, the Russian branch of the Japanese developer, together with Merlion, Russian distributor, announced the beginning of manufacturing of "smart" self-learning IP-cameras Panasonic on capacities of the company iRU, owned by Merlion.

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Developers, management companies and security system manufacturers discussed technologies for urban security and smart quarters

The construction of innovative pilot "smart" quarters and public spaces in Moscow, the organization of public safety of apartment buildings, interaction with law enforcement agencies and emergency services, the integration of intelligent systems were discussed by the representatives of the Moscow Government, the administration of the South-Eastern district, management companies, property developers and developers of solutions and security technologies on the 15th of April.

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New research of Dell Technologies: executives around the world notice a significant lag in digital transformation

Despite the steady growth of the pace of change, the latest study of Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index shows that digital transformation programs are in their infancy in many companies. This is confirmed by 78% of leaders from all surveyed countries who believe that their organizations should be more involved in digital transformation (91% of Russian leaders agree with this fact). More than half of respondents (51%) believe that in the next five years their company will face difficulties to satisfy the changing needs of customers (96% of executives from Russia think so), and almost every third director (30%) is worried that his company may lose the market altogether.

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The Moscow subway is testing video cameras on turnstiles

A pilot project to test video cameras with facial recognition system on turnstiles started in the Moscow subway, according to the publication of RBK. Video surveillance appeared on all turnstiles of the metro station "Oktyabrskoe Pole". The company VisionLabs is participating in the project together with the metro.

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Ural Bank of reconstruction and development has implemented solid state flash array from Pure Storage in its IT infrastructure

The company Jet Infosystems announced that the Ural Bank of reconstruction and development began the process of digital modernization.

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30+ events, 250+ customers from key sectors of the Russian economy: annual series of meetings

TB Forum team offers manufacturers and suppliers of security systems a channel for communication with customers throughout the year, which works with a powerful motivation from customers and regulators. Each participator of the Anniversary TB Forum 2020 is offered sales support and a series of meetings with customers during the year. The continuous series of meetings between regulators, customers and suppliers will be held during 2019: 30+ events, 250+ customers from key sectors of the Russian economy.

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Microsoft DCI research: Russians are 20% more likely to face harassments on the Internet

Russia in on the 19th place by digital culture index as the third annual research of Microsoft DCI has shown. The level of online risks hasn’t almost changed compared to the previous year and amounted to 74%, meanwhile Russians meet them more often than Internet users from other countries.

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Top 3 tenders to create comprehensive security systems for fuel and energy facilities worth over 775 million rubles

Some details about top three tenders of the beginning of April to create security systems for fuel and energy facilities. Customers are Saint-Petersburg fuel and energy complex, GEH Engineering, Nizhnevartovskaya Thermal Power Plant. We’re talking about comprehensive security systems worth over 200 million rubles.

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Honeywell has opened a new factory in Russia

Honeywell Corporation (USA) has opened the 3rd plant in Russia, which will provide local customers with industrial technologies of Russian production.

The new place is located in the special economic zone "Lipetsk" and will produce products for automation systems, fire and industrial safety, personnel safety and automatic identification. 

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The 25th Anniversary International Forum of Security & Safety technologies: business support on the project market and big state and corporate customers market

TB Forum 2019 was the biggest congress for security leaders: 6589 visitors, 3 days of the show, 3953 (60%) – major end-users, 80% of all budgets for equipment and security services in Russia.

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