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The coronavirus pandemic will reduce IT spending worldwide

Experts surveyed by Enterprise Technology Research expect a change in expenses for information technology and a 4% decline. Meanwhile, spending on information security has even increased.

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More than 150 million rubles will be sent by the Committee of informatization and communications of St. Petersburg to the “Safe city” complex

Key purchases in the sphere of functioning of the complex "Safe city" of the end of March and the first days of April 2020 are related to the security of the Northern capital Saint Petersburg. The Committee of informatization and communications of Saint Petersburg will give over 150 million rubles for the development of this system.

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How to use marketing non-advertising content effectively and collect high-quality leads

Marketing managers of security companies have already faced the fact that traditional marketing is not effective in the conditions of "remote work", but it’s quite difficult to switch to digital approaches, test and choose new channels of attraction in such a short period of time.

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Participate in online meetings - get direct access to key customers

Changes are taking place in the usual processes all over the world due to the pandemic. Directors responsible for security of facilities face new challenges. It is more important than ever to support communication, exchange of opinions, experience, and expertise in this situation. Events of TB Forum 2021 will be held online in the next month.

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"Megaplan" found out what irritates Russians in the process of working remotely

Issues of effective interaction within the team come to the first plan due to the switch to remote work for many companies. According to Megaplan, the majority of employees use messengers at work (94.4%) and to communicate with their family (98.2%).

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Top 5 tenders for video surveillance for 440 million rubles

We present the top 5 tenders in the field of creating video surveillance systems in the second half of March. The initial maximum price of the largest contract is 200 million rubles. The customer is the Administration of Sochi. Other tenders were announced by Rosenergoatom Concern, Russian Railways, the administration of the Volsky municipal district of the Saratov region, Mosinzhproject.

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Huawei launches a special offer as part of the «Repair with delivery» service

Huawei announces the launch of a special offer for the service "Repair with delivery", which will be valid throughout Russia. Users can send a broken device to a Huawei service center, repair it, and receive it back by courier. This way, customers don't need to visit a branded store if the Huawei device breaks down. From April 3 to May 31, 2020, the free courier service will cover not only guarantee repairs, but also paid repairs.

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Start the online meetings of the XXVI International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies. The first is "Organization of a secure remote workplace: information security"

Changes are taking place all over the world in the usual processes due to the pandemic. Managers responsible for the security face new challenges. In this situation, it is more important than ever to support communication, exchange opinions, experience and expertise.

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J'son & Partners Consulting: total annual revenue of video services in Russia exceeded 41 billion rubles

J'son & Partners Consulting presented a summary of the research results of the Russian market of legal video services in 2019.

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More than 180 million rubles will be spent on fire safety of Rosenergoatom, the Saint Petersburg metro, and the Mining and Chemical Combine

We present the key purchases of fire-fighting equipment for the past days of March. The initial maximum price of the largest contract exceeds 71 million rubles. The customer is Rosenergoatom Concern. Other tenders were announced by the Petersburg metro and the Mining and Chemical Combine.

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