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Russia was included into the three of the countries in popularity of financial technical-services

Russia was included into the three of the countries in popularity of financial technical-services. The results of the research EY were published on November 21, 2019 to demonstrate it.

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Experts estimated the index of penetration of financial technical-services in Russia at 82%. Higher rate only in China and India (87%). Top five also included the Republic of South Africa (82%) and Colombia (76%).

As notes RBC, in comparison with a research in 2017 the three of the states with the greatest share of the population using financial technical-services, did not undergo changes. At the same time extent of penetration of such services into the Russian Federation in two years increased by 39 items, in India and China — by 35 and 18 items respectively.

Experts connect high popularity of financial technical-services among Russians with youth of a financial system therefore consumers simpler perceive technology new products.

"The financial system of Russia began to form relatively recently, and it is not so conservative, as in Europethe head of Financial Innovations association Roman Prokhorov says. — Actually from a stage of passbooks we passed to payments using mobile phones at once. Consciousness of our consumers is more susceptible to new products of a fintech and the popularity of these services speaks about that."

The most popular financial technical-services in Russia are transfers and payments: know 100% of respondents about such services, and the share of their users reached 90%. In other categories the awareness of citizens is from 81 to 86%, but use of some services is close to zero. Investments into securities belong to unpopular services, for example — the financial technical-market specularly displays the level of development of classical financial market of the country.

For a research of analytics of EY polled about 27 thousand users in 27 markets on five continents. Respondents were asked to estimate, how actively they use financial technical-services.



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