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Schneider Electric made the Narkomfin house “smart”

Schneider Electric provided the famous Narkomfin house with smart home systems, the most modern electric furniture, electrical panel equipment and powerful charging stations for electric vehicles.

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The Narkomfin house is a unique architectural project of the constructivist era, located in the historical center of Moscow. The restoration of an experimental residential building that was built almost 100 years ago is at the final stage in 2020: the unusual house will receive the status of elite property, equipped with the latest technology.

Schneider Electric provided each apartment in the renovated Narkomfin building with innovative solutions both inside and outside. Among them are the latest model of control interfaces based on the KNX protocol; Multitouch Pro touch panel that allows to control the climate, lighting, curtains; Pushbutton Pro keyboard panel that allows to control the light, window blinds and scenes using multi-function keys, divided into four zones. The panel has a completely flat surface without protruding elements. All functions are duplicated on the screen of a smartphone or tablet, making it possible to control the comfort without getting up; programmable thermostats allowing to turn on floor heating to schedule; multi-function power outlets 220V with USB connector of Merten D-Life collection; plastic panels with equipment of Acti 9 series, ensuring the reliability and security of energy consumption in each apartment home and common areas; Evlink charging stations that provide safe and convenient charging of electric vehicles for new residents.


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