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World Cup 2018 experience for mass events security: risks and threats models, solutions for detection, localization, suppression

International sport events in Russia became a development driver of legislation in the field of security at sporting events: approved by Governement rules regulate not only technical requirements for security systems but also relationship of organizers, public place owners, law enforcement agencies and Federal bodies of Executive power. Nevertheless security requirements for other mass events, for example cultural, are not so deeply developed. We invite you to discuss anti-terrorist security and safety issues of places of mass stay of people during the Conference "Mass events security" at TB Forum 2019.

Key topics:

World Cup 2018 security experience • World Cup 2018 heritage • Using World Cup security experience for other mass events • Russian technologies export • Practical experience and topical issues of providing security during mass events • Cultural and entertainment events • Public order and safety during cultural and entertainment events • Technologies and innovations to provide security during events


Speakers and experts:

Irina Grigorieva (The Ministry of Sport of Russia), Kirill Malyshkin (Moscow Regional Security Department), Alexey Tolkachev (Football Union of Russia), Alexander Protasov (Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee), Elena Emelyanova (The Ministry of Culture of Russia), Konstantin Zaynulin (Concert and Philharmonic Association of Sochi), Dmitriy Tsimberov (National Guard of Russia), Alexey Svepelev (Research Center "Security"), Yuriy Denisenko (The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia) and others.


The Federation Council Committee on defense and security, The Ministry of Sport of Russia, The Ministry of Culture of Russia, The Commonwealth of Independent States Anti-Terrorism Center, The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, The Federal Security Service of Russia, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow Government.

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The main threat in places of mass stay of people is threat of terrorist acts. The actual task of today -  accounting all types of security threats, development of solutions, aimed at their prompt identification, localization and suppression.

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